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She died of bilious fever (Gallenfieber) when Hegel was thirteen. p. 100, In the 1870s and 1880s, Rev. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (* 27. Nevertheless, Hegel assumed that his readers are well-versed in Western philosophy. It was written in Hegel's hand, but may have been authored by Hegel, Schelling, Hölderlin, or an unknown fourth person.[67]. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born onAugust 27, 1770, in Stuttgart, Germany. In his posthumously published Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, Part 3, Hegel is particularly interested in demonstrations of God's existence and the ontological proof. His master–slave dialectic has been influential, especially in 20th-century France. There are views of Hegel's thought as the summit of early 19th-century German philosophical idealism. [69][70] Later in the year, Hegel's first book The Difference Between Fichte's and Schelling's Systems of Philosophy was completed. ); 1984; "[T]he task that touches the interest of philosophy most nearly at the present moment: to put God back at the peak of philosophy, absolutely prior to all else as the one and only ground of everything." stepmother. In his discussion of "Spirit" in his Encyclopedia, Hegel praises Aristotle's On the Soul as "by far the most admirable, perhaps even the sole, work of philosophical value on this topic". Christened Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, he was known as Wilhelm to his close family. Although the violence of the 1793 Reign of Terror dampened Hegel's hopes, he continued to identify with the moderate Girondin faction and never lost his commitment to the principles of 1789, which he expressed by drinking a toast to the storming of the Bastille every fourteenth of July.[64]. His influential conceptions are of speculative logic or "dialectic", "absolute idealism", "Spirit", negativity, sublation (Aufhebung in German), the "Master/Slave" dialectic, "ethical life" and the importance of history. He achieved wide renown in his day and, while primarily influential within the continental tradition of philosophy, has become increasingly influential in the analytic tradition as well. In particular, he developed a concept of mind or spirit that manifested itself in a set of contradictions and oppositions that it ultimately integrated and united, without eliminating either pole or reducing one to the other. What distinguishes them from materialists like Epicurus and Thomas Hobbes and from empiricists like David Hume, is that they regarded freedom or self-determination as real and having important ontological implications for soul or mind or divinity. Here he published his Philosophy of Right (1821). brother. [44][45][46][47][48][49] Derrida wrote of Hegel in his work Of Grammatology that "he undoubtedly summed up the entire philosophy of the logos. This sparked a renewed interest in Hegel reflected in the work of Herbert Marcuse, Theodor W. Adorno, Ernst Bloch, Raya Dunayevskaya, Alexandre Kojève and Gotthard Günther among others. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born on 27 August 1770 in the town of Stuttgart in the Duchy of Wurttemberg, South-Western Germany to Georg Ludwig and Maria Magdalena Louisa. Pelczynski, A.Z. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher and an important figure of German idealism. [106] His thoughts on the person of Jesus Christ stood out from the theologies of the Enlightenment. This notion of identity in difference, which is bound up with his conception of contradiction and negativity, is a principal feature differentiating Hegel's thought from other philosophers. August 1770 in … Deutsch Wikipedia. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (August 27, 1770 – November 14, 1831) was a German philosopher, one of the creators of German Idealism. [59]:4, At the age of three, Hegel went to the German School. [98] In this work, civil society (Hegel used the term "bürgerliche Gesellschaft" though it is now referred to as Zivilgesellschaft in German to emphasize a more inclusive community) was a stage in the dialectical relationship between Hegel's perceived opposites, the macro-community of the state and the micro-community of the family. He also published some articles early in his career and during his Berlin period. From the time of Leibniz to the widespread adoption of Frege's logic in the 1930s, every standard work on logic consisted of three divisions: doctrines of concept, judgment, and inference. The boy went by “Ludwig… the Reign of Terror that followed) and would result in a "synthesis" (e.g. Der wesentliche Bildungseinfluß der Stuttgarter Jahre waren die klassische Antike und die deutsche Aufklärung. La sekvan februaron la gastejestrino de Hegel Christiana Burkhardt (kiu estis forlasita fare de ŝia edzo) naskis sian filon Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer (1807-31). Quotations by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German Philosopher, Born August 27, 1770. Vkládá února Hegelova bytná Christiana Burkhardt (který byl opuštěný jejím manželem) porodila svého syna Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer (1807-1831). [117], Hegel seemed to have an ambivalent relationship with magic, myth and Paganism. [125], According to Walter Kaufmann, the basic idea of Hegel's works, especially the Phenomenology of Spirit, is that a philosopher should not "confine him or herself to views that have been held but penetrate these to the human reality they reflect". Hegel's categories are, in part, carried over from his Lectures on the History of Philosophy. He lectured on "Logic and Metaphysics" and, with Schelling, gave joint lectures on an "Introduction to the Idea and Limits of True Philosophy" and held a "Philosophical Disputorium". His father, Georg Ludwig, was Rentkammersekretär (secretary to the revenue office) at the court of Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg. His is the persistent Idea that is the same in all philosophers up to the present day, as it was the Idea of Plato and Aristotle". And debates about the nature of logic were intertwined with competition to inherit the mantle of Kant and with it the future direction of German philosophy. Hegel at this time envisaged his future as that of a Popularphilosoph, i.e., a "man of letters" who serves to make the abstruse ideas of philosophers accessible to a wider public; his own felt need to engage critically with the central ideas of Kantianism did not come until 1800. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a famous German philosopher who lived in the 18th century. Stefan Gruner: "Hegel's Aether Doctrine". 1814 September 24, 1814. At age three, he attended the German School. György Lukács' History and Class Consciousness (1923) helped to reintroduce Hegel into the Marxist canon. The mystical writings of Jakob Böhme had a strong effect on Hegel. The Left Hegelians, also known as the Young Hegelians, interpreted Hegel in a revolutionary sense, leading to an advocation of atheism in religion and liberal democracy in politics. His father is a civil servant at the court of Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg. (ed. He is said to have uttered the last words "And he didn't understand me" before expiring. Geni requires JavaScript! She died of bilious fever(Gallenfieber) when Hegel w… For Hegel, the inner movement of reality is the process of God thinking as manifested in the evolution of the universe of nature and thought; Hegel argued that, when fully understood, reality is being thought by God as manifested in a person's comprehension of this process. The following February Hegel's landlady Christiana Burkhardt (who had been abandoned by her husband) gave birth to their son Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer (1807–31). "[144], Karl Popper wrote that "there is so much philosophical writing (especially in the Hegelian school) which may justly be criticised as meaningless verbiage". November 1831 in Berlin) war ein deutscher Philosoph, der als wichtigster Vertreter des deutschen Idealismus gilt. Seine Mitschüler müssen ihn als ein wenig altväterlich und steif empfunden haben, und später, auf dem Tübinger Stift, erhielt er den Spitznamen der alte Mann. Scholars continue to point out Hegelian influences in a range of theoretical and/or learned works, such as Carl von Clausewitz's book on strategic thought, On War (1831). Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (August 27, 1770 – November 14, 1831) was a German philosopher and an important figure of German idealism. Christiane Charlotte Burkhardt (nee Fischer) gave birth on February 5, 1807 to Hegel's illegitimate son, Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer. Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer. Later in the year Hegel's first book, The Difference Between Fichte's and Schelling's Systems of Philosophy, appeared. "Rezension des Aenesidemus" ("Review of Aenesidemus"), This term is actually quite rare in Hegel's writings. [94]:146 Rather than stress the singularity of each factor that complements and conflicts with the others, the relationship between finite and infinite (and particular and universal, and nature and freedom) becomes intelligible as a progressively developing and self-perfecting whole. Occupation: Hegel illegitimate son: Managed by: Yigal Burstein: Last Updated: February 8, 2015 Hegel wrote that, ...profounder insight into the antinomial, or more truly into the dialectical nature of reason demonstrates any Concept [Begriff] whatsoever to be a unity of opposed elements [Momente] to which, therefore, the form of antinomial assertions could be given.[82]. The individual has "substantial freedom in the state". This contradiction leads to the dissolution of the thing or idea in the simple form in which it presented to a higher-level, more complex thing or idea that more adequately incorporates the contradiction. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Stuttgart, Württemberg, 27 d'agost del 1770 - Berlín, Prússia, 14 de novembre del 1831) va ser un filòsof alemany pertanyent a l'idealisme. November 1831 in Berlin) war ein deutscher Philosoph, der als wichtigster Vertreter des deutschen Idealismus gilt. Doctrines of judgment investigate relations of subject and predicate; and doctrines of inference lay out the forms of syllogisms originally found in Aristotelian term logic. Hegel had a sister, Christiane Luise (1773–1832), and a brother, Georg Ludwig (1776–1812), who was to perish as an officer in Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812. The more recent movement of communitarianism has a strong Hegelian influence. However, Hegel interprets not-A as not existing at all, not nothing at all, which cannot be conceived, but an indeterminate or "pure" being without particularity or specificity. H. besuchte in Stuttgart das Karls-Gymnasium. [100] In fact, Hegel's distinctions as to what he meant by civil society are often unclear. To the contrary, the fundamental notion of Hegel's dialectic is that things or ideas have internal contradictions. Kant imported Plato's high esteem of individual sovereignty into his considerations of moral and noumenal freedom as well as of God. Martin Heidegger (trans. Childhood. Son of Georg Ludwig Hegel and Maria Magdalena Louisa Hegel It profoundly impacted many future philosophical schools, including those opposed to Hegel's specific dialectical idealism, such as existentialism, the historical materialism of Marx, historism and British Idealism. As the logical Idea is seen to unfold itself in a process from the abstract to the concrete, so in the history of philosophy the earliest systems are the most abstract, and thus at the same time the poorest...[86]. The physicians pronounced the cause of death as cholera, but it is likely he died from another gastrointestinal disease. [59]:337, In 1811, Hegel married Marie Helena Susanna von Tucher (1791–1855), the eldest daughter of a Senator. In other words, it is not enough to consider propositions, or even the content of consciousness; "it is worthwhile to ask in every instance what kind of spirit would entertain such propositions, hold such views, and have such a consciousness. For these scholars, fairly well represented by the Hegel Society of America and in cooperation with German scholars such as Otto Pöggeler and Walter Jaeschke, Hegel's works should be read without preconceptions.

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