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Tom Hanks shows what a commanding actor he can be from the first taut combat sequence of “Greyhound,” when the title warship, leading a convoy through the North Atlantic in the early months of World War II, spies a U-boat speeding toward it from a dozen miles away. Tá mais pra HBO go que netflix. O Apple TV+ liberou nesta sexta-feira (10) Greyhound, filme com temática da Segunda Guerra Mundial protagonizado e escrito por Tom Hanks. É um bom serviço complementar. $4.99/month after free trial. Claro, a Netflix está longe de ser perfeita, mas já vem conseguindo entregar séries e filmes de grande produção em diversos estilos, e muitas de suas séries vem ganhando projeção fortíssima. Basta abrir o app, clicar ou tocar em Apple TV+ e começar a ver séries e filmes. O filme parece ser bom, e parece dar visibilidade ao serviço a curto prazo. A plataforma estreou ainda Greatness Code, série de documentários curtos em que atletas como Lebron James, Tom Brady e Alex Morgan relembram momentos marcantes em suas carreiras. With HBO Max and Peacock debuting this year, things aren’t about to get any less competitive.. Restrictions and other terms apply. A lot of the battleships-at-sea images are digital, and you can tell, yet even so the film does a scrupulous job of recreating actual war footage. Greyhound is a Navy action movie set in World War II with Tom Hanks playing a captain whose ship is one of a convoy of Allied ships being chased by Nazis in submarines. What was it like to fight in WWII? “Greyhound” does a sturdy job of depicting one of them. So can the very form that a combat narrative takes. Greyhound / Apple TV Plus “Greyhound” tem uma premissa simples: tirar o fôlego do espectador durante uma hora e meia. A dublagem brasileira foi afetada pela pandemia, mais do que você imagina. Judge sides with Virginia, but Robert E. Lee statue stays put for now. One subscription per Family Sharing group. O filme pode ajudar a atrair novos assinantes para o Apple TV+, que foi lançado com um catálogo pequeno, apenas com títulos originais. At one point a U.S. oil tanker comes out of nowhere, and as the two ships edge close enough that the Greyhound scrapes a gash into the side of the other ship, we realize it’s a Titanic situation, with our heroes as the iceberg. Greyhound (Apple TV Plus, now playing) Greyhound is a Navy action movie set in World War II with Tom Hanks playing a captain whose ship is one of a … The fetishistic military detail is, in many ways, more potent than the drama, since “Greyhound,” which was scripted by Hanks and produced by his company, Playtone (the director is Aaron Schneider). Apple did not actually say which of its previous Apple TV+ entries were at the top of the list. Como a tecnologia ajudou profissionais da área? O serviço de streaming também liberou os quatro primeiros episódios de Little Voice, drama musical que terá novos episódios sempre às sextas-feiras. Todos os Apple Originals. The Germans intercept the radio signal to send mocking messages (“Did you think you’d slipped away from this gray wolf? Apple TV Plus’ World War II drama Greyhound makes it clear early on why naval battles aren’t seen more often in cinema. Mas eu pelo menos vejo ainda sérios problemas em se pagar por um acervo que cresce a efeito tartaruga, e não consegue abarcar muito gêneros. Concordo que o acervo é pequeno, porém o que tem é de tanta qualidade que vale a pena, no final das contas vejo 4 a 5 séries entre 100 do Netflix. O foco deles é em qualidade, não quantidade. Não vi, mas já ouvi dizer que todos são bem produzidos. Instead of showing up in theatres, Greyhound movie will be releasing on Apple TV Plus. Experimente grátis. Rod Lurie’s “The Outpost” immerses us in the war in Afghanistan with an existential force rooted in its journalistic authenticity; there isn’t a fake arc in sight. Saiba quais filmes e séries vão deixar a Netflix em junho e prepare-se para vê-los antes que seja tarde e você se arrependa, Baby, O Diabo de Cada Dia nos originais e Lady Bird e Meninas Malvadas nos licenciados para os lançamentos de setembro na Netflix, Prepare-se para atualizar a sua lista de “ver depois” na Netflix. As war films have grown more sophisticated in their realism, it’s not just the ricocheting din of bullet clatter or the dirt-flying dizziness of battle that can hit the audience with a you-are-there verisimilitude. The Apple TV Pus will be releasing Greyhound, one of its dramas, instead of giving the movie a theatrical entry. Acquiring Greyhound is a coup for Apple TV+, which has struggled to capture a sizeable chunk of the streaming market in its six-plus months of existence. Greyhound, the World War II sea battle drama starring Tom Hanks, will make its debut on Apple TV+ July 10th, Apple has announced. This is how to reheat food safely Tom Hanks War Drama 'Greyhound' Set for July 10 Debut on Apple TV Plus. Most of the characterizations feel a little thin (because, frankly, they are). Tu viu (1) SERVANT, (2) HOME BEFORE DARK, (3) JACOB, (4) GOOD MORNING SHOW ? Most war movies focus on … Segundo a Bloomberg, a plataforma também poderá ganhar séries antigas para se tornar mais competitiva para Netflix e Disney+. Apple today revealed that the Greyhound release date has been set for July 10. Thursday’s announcement came a month after Apple… Com a impossibilidade de levá-lo às telonas, a empresa decidiu vender os direitos da produção à Apple por US$ 70 milhões. In February 1942, the Greyhound is leading a convoy of 37 troop-and … Yet that doesn’t mean they feel false. And on the final day, when the Greyhound crew have used up nearly all their depth charges and the air cover comes in seemingly in the nick of time, you feel a surge of relief and triumph. Iniciar teste gratuito 7 dias grátis, depois R$ 9,90/mês. Para fazer o roteiro, Hanks se baseou no livro The Good Shepherd (1995), de C. S. Forester. Mas é só…a Apple começou atrasada, e vai precisa fazer muitoooo mais que isso para se quer levar a alguém realmente pagar por seu serviço, e não fazer uso a cada troca de device (ganha um ano de assinatura) da marca. Tom Hanks' new movie Greyhound, based on the C S Forester novel The Good Shepherd and written by Hanks, has set a new record for Apple TV Plus. Apple has set a July 10 release date for Greyhound, the World War II drama that stars Tom Hanks, who wrote the script from C.S. 'Greyhound” was slated to be released theatrically by Sony Pictures, but the uncertainty over the Covid-19 theatre closures lead to a worldwide rights deal with Apple, reported IndieWire. Greyhound was intended as a relative theatrical event movie for adults this summer, positioned first on May 8 … As the German sub approaches, we hear a lot of rapid-fire military and navigational jargon shooting back and forth between the sailors (“Hydrophone effects slow rev, sounds like 60 RPM, sir!”). Vale lembrar que Greyhound não é a única novidade do Apple TV+. Tom Hanks WWII Action Film 'Greyhound' Alters Course In Apple Deal: Film Will Premiere On Apple TV + After Fevered Auction YouTube lança métrica RPM para criadores entenderem quanto estão faturando. Deadline reports that Apple paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 million for the rights to the film. He’s the ship’s captain, Commander Ernest Krause, a stalwart and decisive leader of men, but the primal fear of battle is etched onto his face. Como todos devem funcionar agora em diante. Tom Hanks plays Captain Ernest Krause, who's leading a fleet of 37 ships through torrid waters occupied by German u-boats. 'Greyhound' Costume Designer Julie Weiss Talks Authenticity of War Uniforms, Mahershala Ali to Play Boxing Legend Jack Johnson in Limited Series in Development at HBO, Universal Moves Tom Hanks Post-Apocalypse Movie 'Bios' Back to 2021. Em Greyhound, Tom Hanks interpreta o capitão Ernest Krause, que, durante o transporte de soldados e suprimentos da América para as forças aliadas na Europa, lidera uma disputa contra os U-Boats alemães, que ficou conhecida como a Batalha do Atlântico. season. Get latest News Information, Articles on Greyhound Apple Tv Plus Updated on July 10, 2020 10:23 with exclusive Pictures, photos & videos on Greyhound Apple Tv Plus at Assista ao Apple TV+ no app Apple TV, que já está nos seus aparelhos Apple preferidos. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. When we first see him, he’s saying his prayers and washing his face, and the film then cuts to a Christmas 1941 hotel-lobby rendezvous between Krause and his beloved, Evie (Elisabeth Shue), parting just as the war begins. It’s known that The Morning Show was one of the most-watched TV series on the service, and then Defending Jacob arrived and, by all accounts, took that mantle by the time the series wrapped up its first (and potentially not only!) A exceção é a China, onde os direitos permanecem com a Sony. Apple Footer * The Apple One free trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a free trial or a subscription. Novo filme de Resident Evil terá foco em Claire e Chris Redfield e se passará na Raccoon City de 1998, Filmes de Harry Potter estão no streaming do Now (Claro/NET) e irão para HBO Go; Netflix também perdeu filmes da Disney. E vejo entre 4 a 5 séries em 10 da ATV+. O acordo, que envolveu uma disputa com a Netflix e a aprovação de Tom Hanks, prevê que neste período a Apple poderá exibir o filme em quase todos os países do mundo. The picture takes us through an experience, with a quota of spectacle but no gratuitous “explosive” razzmatazz, and it’s grounded in Hanks’s finely etched but nearly minimalist performance. Apple Apple TV Plus streaming. Entre os lançamentos para setembro estão a segunda parte de (Des)encanto, as quartas temporadas de Vis a Vis e The […], Coloque o controle de lado e pegue a pipoca: 11 jogos de videogame que viraram filmes e séries, entre os bons e os muito ruins, Séries de animação japonesa e alguns realities shows estão se despedindo da Netflix em maio. Olha, só essas 4 do ATV+, fora as outras séries, são super produções que é difícil achar dimensão equivalente nos outros streaming, talvez DARK e STRANGE THINGS no Netflix, ou GoT e Westworld na HBO, nem consigo achar algo equivalente no AMAZON PRIME…. He says “Understood” and thanks the bringer of bad news. Apple TV+ paga US$ 70 mi por "Greyhound", novo filme com Tom Hanks. Krause has a knack for barking out directions at his men with a turn-on-a-dime precision that can serpentine a ship like the Greyhound right out of the path of a speeding torpedo. And now, one week later, we have “Greyhound,” which isn’t a factual story — it’s based on the 1955 novel “The Good Shepherd,” by C.S Forester — yet it feels like one, because it’s a naval drama that confines itself to the moment-to-moment logistics of battle. When the mortars aren’t firing, the movie ebbs, flows, occasionally sags, and sometimes rivets. © Mobilon Mídia 2005 - 2020. Hanks wasn’t too thrilled when it was announced that Greyhound would land on Apple TV Plus instead of in theaters, and Polygon says the movie’s spectacle is somewhat diminished since it’s not on the big screen. Alguém mais teve a impressão da imagem deles terem mexido tanto com a cara do Tom Hanks que ele ficou parecendo o Bruce Willis? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, James Demetrion, museum director who transformed the Hirshhorn, dies at 90, Petrol bombs hurled at Hong Kong police club. The film is entirely based on the significant events caused during world war two and features one of our favorite […] He keeps a rigorous watch on his men (he considers it a breach of ethics if they so much as utter a curse word), he says grace over the most makeshift snack, and when he learns that the radar is down, even in the heat of a U-boat attack he doesn’t bark out a word of frustration. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. For those of us who’ll never know, that question has a thousand answers. The Tom Hanks WWII drama 'Greyhound' will premiere on Apple TV+, not in theaters as originally planned. For approximately 50 hours of travel time, the ships are on their own, navigating the darkest of storm-tossed waters — though the real threat are the U-boats that keep popping up like the shark in “Jaws.” Can the crew of the Greyhound blow a hulking submarine out of the water before the sub does the same to them? Semana que vem chega o ECHO STUDIO que comprei, vou esperar chegar pra ver esse filme com toda capacidade sonora dessa caixinha ! A data de estreia de Greyhound no Apple TV+ não foi anunciada. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. iPhone SE (2020) ou iPhone 11; qual a diferença? Mas vamos ver, só o tempo vai dizer se a Apple realmente vai ter estômago para gastar tanto para alcançar os concorrentes. ‘Greyhound’ on Apple TV Plus: Film Review Owen Gleiberman 7/6/2020. Greyhound is a 2020 American war film directed by Aaron Schneider and starring Tom Hanks, who also wrote the screenplay. Com informações: Deadline , Forbes . Eu mesmo prefiro filmes de guerra, geopolítica, ficção, entre outros, que já fica bem difícil de justificar mais uma assinatura… “Greyhound,” a battle drama that’s only 80 minutes long if you don’t count the credits, turns war itself into the main character. You and your comrades will die today”). Greyhound ACTION In a thrilling WWII story inspired by actual events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international convoy of 37 ships on a treacherous mission across the Atlantic to deliver thousands of soldiers and much-needed supplies to Allied forces. Eles tão atrasados mas nem por isso estão “magros” em conteúdo. Greyhound represents Apple’s biggest investment in … The scene humanizes an officer who turns out to be a sternly religious man who lives every moment by a strictly observed code. Greyhound was released on Apple TV Plus on July 10, 2020. Este foi o maior investimento realizado em um filme pelo Apple TV+, que terá os direitos sobre Greyhound durante 15 anos. Já tem vários originais bons e já estão correndo atrás de acordos pra conteúdo fora da plataforma. Com o acordo, o Apple TV+ terá os direitos sobre Greyhound durante 15 anos; a Sony manteve distribuição na China, Sonic: O Filme teve a maior bilheteria de estreia nos EUA para um filme adaptado de jogo, mais que Pokémon: Detetive Pikachu. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. O Apple TV+ está aqui. Tom Hanks in 'Greyhound' Apple and Sony. Site Parceiro do UOL Tecnologia. Apesar dos problemas, a ameaça é constante e, em sua maior parte, invisível. Você também pode assistir ao Apple TV+ em plataformas de streaming, nas Smart TVs mais populares e em TVs compatíveis com AirPlay. O filme leva crédito por isso e, em momento nenhum, deixa a narrativa cair na monotonia. ‘Greyhound’ on Apple TV Plus: Film Review. Actors like Stephen Graham, as the loyal navigator Cole, and Rob Morgan, as the quietly compassionate African-American messmate George Cleveland, make their presence felt. The action builds, but what lends the scene emotion is the play of aggression and anxiety just beneath Hanks’ fixed grimace. Tom Hanks’ war drama “Greyhound” will make its global debut on July 10, exclusively on the seven-month-old platform Apple TV Plus. Though much of the action is set in the open air of the ship’s command perch, “Greyhound” often feels like a submarine thriller: tense, tight, boxed-in. LOS ANGELES: World War II drama 'Greyhound', starring Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks, will debut on streaming platform Apple TV Plus on July 10. In February 1942, the Greyhound is leading a convoy of 37 troop-and-supply ships through the most dangerous section of the North Atlantic: the so-called “Black Pit,” named for the fact that it’s too far from either continent for the military to maintain air cover. Hanks’ Krause, known to his friends as Ernie, is the officer as gung-ho conservative gentleman. São super produções que cada episódio é um filme blockbuster de hollywood. O longa-metragem foi produzido pela Sony e seria lançado nos cinemas não fosse a pandemia do novo coronavírus. Greyhound: filme de Tom Hanks estreia no Apple TV+, vender os direitos da produção à Apple por US$ 70 milhões, Greyhound: Tom Hanks e o mais mortal trabalho da 2ª Guerra, Como assinar o Apple TV+ [com ou sem dispositivo Apple], Juliano Machado Olivetti (@Juliano_Machado_Oliv). The movie, which was previously going to open in theaters on June 12, 2020, will make its global debut to audiences in over 100 countries on Apple TV+.

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