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Hela prepares to finally return into Asgard. Hela Odinsdottir was the Asgardian goddess of death and former executioner of Asgard. Hela planned to continue her megalomaniacal quest, which included killing all of the Val… [volume & issue needed], Hela was awakened from her mortal guise after Ragnarök by Thor, albeit due to Loki's machinations. Hela is often armed with her "Nightsword," and is a proficient swordswoman. Hela and her Executioner then located the Hidden Stronghold where Heimdall and the remaining Asgardians opposed to her rule were hiding out. When the last of the army was taken down and slaughter, Hela took great pleasure as she slowly made her way through the courtyard, relishing in her reawakened bloodlust as a horrified Skurge followed her in silence. She was far too arrogant to join forces with (in her eyes) a fellow conqueror, who poses a threat to her and Asgard. Hela is quickly overwhelmed and her own remaining power insufficient to counter theirs. Hela nonchalantly executing the Executioner, Just as the Berserkers had reached the Statesman and cut down the guards, Hela was betrayed by the Executioner who refused to allow all his people to be slaughtered. Hela (/ˈhɛlə/) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Entering into a conflict against her father, Hela massacred many Asgardians within the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf and attacked Odin, who finally was forced to accept that Hela had grown too dangerous and was forced to battle her in the process, ultimately defeating his daughter in combat. Affiliation Assuming the two princes of Asgard had died, Hela continued towards Himinbjorg immediately after.[1]. Da Hela ihre Macht aus Asgard zieht und dadurch fast unbesiegbar ist, konnte Odin sie nicht töten. Indeed, it was Odin’s continued existence which held her in the prison away from Asgard. The first-born child of Odin, Hela served as the commander Asgard's armies during his conquests of the Nine Realms. Als Odinin Norwegen in den Armen seiner Söhne stirbt, offenbart sich Hela, seine erstgeborene Tochter und ursprüngliche Thronerbin Asgards, die Odin vor Jahrhunderten verbannt hat, da sie nach den zahlreichen Kriegen und Schlachten, die sie zusammen mit ihrem Vater geschlagen hat, besessen vom … Hela now patiently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and even assisted her father, Loki, in enabling him to complete a task that caused Thor to be banished from Asgard. Of all the Kirby crafted Asgardian legends introduced in Kirby and Stan Lee’s run on Thor, Hela is the most badass, over the top, majestically rendered of them all. Infinity even took control of Odin. Hela possesses attributes common to Asgardian gods. While most of the Asgardian forces battled Hela's soldiers, the mutants ventured to Odin's very bedchambers, saved Odin's life and foiled Hela's plans. Ultimately, all of Hela's desires for ruling over more than simply Nine Realms had become too ambitious and attempted to take over the throne sometime after Odin became a peace-time king. Hela takes the power of the Eternal Flame. [39], In the aftermath of the Siege of Asgard, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are mysteriously drawn into one of the other Nine Realms, eventually revealed to be the Hel-realm of Hela. Hela relented, reluctantly. Apart from her ambitiousness, Hela's most prominent feature would be her overwhelming confidence; during her first encounter with her brothers, before crossing swords with them, she already made it clear that she viewed them as inferiors who were no match for her, and she later also demonstrated no fear at all when confronting Asgard's army. [23] Hela then contested against Mephisto who attempted to possess Thor's soul. [14], Hela then summoned the Valkyrie to aid in a war against Ollerus, while Hela encountered the other Defenders. • Hela appears in the animated direct-to-video film Hulk vs. Thor voiced by Janyse Jaud. The goddess has jet black hair and bright green eyes. Read Profile. They encounter Mephisto, who says that he will get them to Hel if Magma goes out with him. Thor: God of Thunder (DS version only) Portrayed by Allerdings erkannte Odin, dass Hela ein sadistisches und monströses Wesen war und nicht eher Halt machen würde, bevor Asgard das ganze Universum unterworfen hatte. Using Des and Troy, the Executioner began gunning down the Berserkers, destroying the necrosword and allowing the Statesman to escape from Asgard. Gender The rightful heir to the throne and the Goddess of Death. Her most powerful ability is her Hand of Glory, a technique that uses mystical energy to enhance the strength of her punch to kill even an Asgardian. [3] However, she failed to tempt Thor into entering Valhalla, despite an image of one that dwelled in Valhalla. [44] Hela, along with Pluto, Satannish, and many other rulers of Earth's various netherworlds, are shown to be slaves of the Chaos King after he obliterates the realms of Hell itself. Odin, however, after realizing that bringing peace was the true way to unite the Nine Realms, saw Hela's over-ambitiousness, combined with her formidable power, as a threat to his peace that he had managed to create across the Nine Realms. Hela's backstory revealed that she served as Odin's strongest warrior -- Hela herself stated that she was the executioner. Female Asgardians are known to be the keepers of peace throughout the Nine Realms. Muspelheim is also seen briefly through a dimensional rift. Indeed, Hela rebelled against Odin and hence, he banished her from Asgard, and later imprisoned her personally when she revolted against him. With Asgard now destroyed, so is the source of Hela's power. However, Hela lacks attachment and will kill anyone who betrays her, even Skurge without hesitation. Thor went inside the throne room and awaited Hela's arrival, banging Gungnir on the ground of the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf to summon her. [4], Later, she stole a portion of the sleeping Odin's soul while he was on the Sea of Eternal Night due to Loki planning to take over Asgard, thus creating a powerful entity known as Infinity. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [55] The next issue has a vision shown to Valkyrie by Amora where Thor is making love with Hela, as he had no other choice. Comic Hela then commented that her victory was so obvious even a blind man could see it before slashing at Thor's face, resulting in the loss of one of Thor's eyes. As all of the soldiers and wolf came before her, Hela welcomed them into her new army while claiming that she had missed all of them. Goddess of DeathPrincess of Asgard (formerly)Chief of the Legion of Asgard (formerly)Executioner of Asgard (formerly)Queen of Asgard (formerly) Thor ultimately manages to claim the Twilight Sword and uses it to restore the Nine Worlds back to their former harmony and order while banishing Hela, but refuses to set Asgard back into the sky, as Amora asks, claiming that using such unholy power for his own ends would make him the same as Hela herself. Four issues later, Thor manages to delay Asgard… Hela was defeated when the uru sword was destroyed. The only time she shows mercy is when people agree to serve her or do not stand in her way. Thor, being incapable of killing Hela, is released instead by Valkyrie who is killed in battle with the Defenders, who now have superpowers due to Loki's intervention. Asgard war etwa so groß wie ein kleiner Staat. In case the marketing onslaught somehow hasn't made it clear, the primary antagonist of Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok is Hela, the Asgard-conquering, Mjolnir-destroying goddess of death played by Cate Blanchett. Hela is the first female main antagonist in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Imprisoned in Hel for millennia by her father Odin, Hela was only released from her prison in the wake of his death and went to restore her power over Asgard, while simultaneously engaging in a series of encounters with her younger brothers Thor and Loki. Placing her hand inside the fire, Hela took the flame into her hand before turning to Skurge and offering him the chance to see what true power looked like. Hela Odinsdottir was the Asgardian goddess of death and former executioner of Asgard. [31] She now lives in Las Vegas, maintaining a lair where she can feed on the souls of random unlucky people, and agrees to use her powers to aid Loki in bringing him back in time to Asgard to complete his own sinister plans for Asgard. Eventually, Hela struck Thor hard in the shoulder with a necrosword before focusing on fighting Valkyrie. Asgardian Upon arriving back inside of the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, Hela saw the ceiling was decorated with a mural of Odin ruling the Nine Realms in peace. [38] With the help of Thor and Tyr, they manage to slay and banish the remaining Disir, whose souls are claimed by the triumphant Mephisto. Even though Skurge displayed cowardice upon their first meeting, Hela decided to mentor him. Avengers: Endgame Prelude (mentioned) However, much of this is masked by a casual confidence and appearance of friendliness, such as when she returned to Asgard, she casually murdered Volstagg and Fandral, but then offered Skurge a job as if nothing had happened. [1], Hela and Fenris threaten all of the Asgardians. The first known instance of Asgard's maintenance of intergalactic peace was during First Dark Elf Conflict, when Bor fought to prevent the Dark Elves led by Malekith from purging the known Universe into its previous state of darkness, using the Aether when the Convergenceof the Nine Realms occurred. Hela was born in Jotunheim, the land of the giants. However Odin used his powers to prevent Balder dying. I am Hela. Absorbing the dead into her body, Hela creates a fortress around herself to protect them and asks Thor for help through the recently deceased body of an Asgardian. Asgardian Without the cloak, Hela reverts to her true form: in this form half of her body is healthy and beautiful, while the other half is decaying. Hela ist die erstgeborene Tochter von Odin, dem Herrscher von Asgard. Declaring him to be a smart boy who also likely had good survival instincts, the goddess offered him a job before crossing the Rainbow Bridge that led to Asgard, smiling as she considered the power that would soon be coming her way, with Skurge following her. Hela throws Thor and Loki out of the Bifrost, However, as the Bifrost Bridge was opened, Hela had swiftly followed them, leaping through the light of the Bifrost after the two, where she knocked Loki out of Bifrost Bridge to another location after catching and throwing back his knife when he had tried to defend himself.

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