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Sentai. With a healthy dose of adult drama and adult relationships, Nana is the older take on real life you’ve been waiting for. Soul Eater is another one of these titles but it doesn’t get old. Best Top 100 Anime Series Of All Time by Alexandrspyr | created - 04 Oct 2013 | updated - 28 Oct 2016 | Public Here is a list of what I consider to be the top anime series that I have ever watched (out of 400 titles). In fact, it’s more like love, but when she goes to confess, Nozaki gives her a reply in the form of an autograph. Black Lagoon is possibly the best seinen anime you could ask for, delivering heavy action scenes while maintaining a strictly adult feel. Nuclear weapons have destroyed the world, not only altering the landscape, but also sending humanity back to the dark ages. Those who might turn away at bright colours and young girls tackling themes of friendship and adversity might stay for darker themes and a twist to what we all know so well. It’s nothing short of a miracle then that Tatsuhiro meets Misaki Nakahara, a young girl intent on having him sign a contract to involve Tatsuhiro in her big project to make him a normal person again. For those that like setting changes as the story progresses, Sword Art Online is a welcome addition to the action/adventure shounen genre. As the owner of the devices emerges, he fools the children into singing over their lives in order to fight invading aliens. Yuuko might be an airhead, Mio might be overly protective of her drawings, and Mai might be the weirdest jokester you’ve ever met, but those three girls are nothing compared to the rest of the town. After Story continues the already moving story of Clannad to focus on life after high school, going further than many romance/drama series already. Fans of cool swordsman who don’t want boring history to get in the way finally have something to dive into. For consistently cool supernatural violence, Hellsing Ultimate is where it’s at. While anime is, at its core, a form of entertainment, some series elevate it to an art – presenting stories, crafting worlds and developing characters in such a way that you can’t deny its mastery. The quality of thought, focus, character and story matches that of many high-ranking anime while not needing to bring up action or drama, making the series a very relaxing and casually thought-provoking show. That reputation is … Anime — a word that can elicit different reactions from different people. For all the dark, depressing themes top anime tends to deal with, Death Note embraces them fully, dedicating its entire run to criminals, murder and dark mystery, delighting in your sadistic enjoyment of it. From these gates came forth a mysterious phenomenon where average humans could gain powers in exchange for their humanity and a small sacrifice each time the power is used. Yet Ginko, a mushi researcher (a mushi-shi) travels Japan over in hopes of discovering more about these organisms, going as far as to study them or help humans plagued by them. Between artful animation and artful story is another kind of creativity, the crazy over-the-top antics of Nichijou. Characters get plenty of development and Renton’s journey to adulthood is both heart-warming and satisfying. The 10 Best Dating Simulation Games of All Time. Hajime no Ippo is boxing’s greatest tale of the underdog training to one day sit on top. Why it made the list: Baccano is one of the hardest shows to get into on this list. There are many folks who want Harry Potter to be remade into an anime version. From Wikipedia: "Mecha anime, known in Japan as robot anime, are anime that feature robots (mecha) in battle, and it is broken down into two subcategories of Super Robot and Real Robot. This means the series leads to a somewhat disappointing ending, but with plenty of action and suspense along the way, it’s not as big of a deal. To rank this series higher though would be ignoring how tedious it gets, but beyond that is a great story. Watch if you like: Romance, comedy, shoujo anime, odd couples, coincidences, perseverance, relationships, high school setting, standard length series, small cast of characters. Why it made the list: Gurren Lagann is overwhelming in the best of ways, always striving to be bigger, more awesome, more action-y, more everything to the point that it becomes a distinct personality of the show. Those frantically searching for Dragon Ball Z won’t be finding it on this list (for a whole host of reasons), but in its place is the original manly epic exuding the aura of badasses: Fist of the North Star. Yet when she runs into crossdresser Kuranosuke, who is inevitably introduced to the household, Tsukimi has to manage her anxiety of normal people and the fact that no boys are allowed in her apartment block. And when everything from pacing to character development fits together so perfectly, it’s hard to argue otherwise. You might also like: Your Lie in April, Honey and Clover, Piano no Mori. Watch if you like: Fantasy, drama, slice of life, mystery, atmosphere, characters, journey, finding yourself, angels, non-religious themes, short series, thinking. That’s why he moves into the only dorm that accepts pets… except the dorm also only accepts the most troublesome students in the school. While these procedures allow people to greatly improve their lives, the same can be said for criminals. It’s sure to be a hit with anyone who wants a series a bit more Western-leaning or with anyone who likes good old dystopian fiction. Why it made the list: Great Teacher Onizuka might be old, but it has a charm and heart to go along with its outrageous comedy antics. Together with Naruto and One Piece, Bleach forms the trinity of long-running shounen anime that is just as popular as it is long. Why it made the list: Black Lagoon might be heavy on the action but with each point that seems impossible, the series makes plausible. No drama is foisted upon the main couple, and neither of them harbor tragic pasts that are all too common in other series. !, Summer Wars. Naruto delivers exactly what’s on the tin: cool ninja fighting action, big dreams and bigger characters. Characters compete for backstory as the series pays attention to its sole love of music, and those who have seen other KEY works might become bored of the story’s patterns. 100% Kostenlos Sofort 200.000+ Nutzer Overall, it’s my favorite genre of anime by far. Sequels can be a hit or miss; it can be hard to capture the same feel of the initial series, or the show could run away with its previous success. But, of course, with decades of anime already over and a wealth of shows to look through, how do you know what is worth watching? Every icon is uniquely designed to symbolize all 100 anime. But although she lands a job at a well-known animation studio, Aoi finds being a production assistant is tedious, thankless work. You might also like: Mawaru Penguindrum, Rose of Versailles, Princess Tutu. Keroberos, the guardian of the book, is quick to appoint Sakura magical powers and send her a quest to get them all back. Why it made the list: Although summarized more as a supernatural anime than anything else, Durarara is a hard show to pin. A best of anime list is no list at all without an appearance from Cowboy Bebop, the show hailed far and wide as some of the best anime has to offer. When he reaches out to her in turn, it might just be the start of romance. Big-time yakuza gangs are meters away from underground doctors, men with superhuman strength and twisted information brokers. Revolutionary Girl Utena has long been a series that really needs to be seen to be understood. You’ll be blown away by cool frames, highly detailed action and purposefully stylistic choices that all blend together to give the series its personality. K-On!! Its shifts in focus are unrelenting, it refuses some information until the final episodes, and if you’re not paying attention, it has nothing to give to you. Already a stellar manga, One Punch Man’s jump to TV had many worried, but with careful planning and well-timed attention to quality, the series faithfully brings one of the best manga series to life. Bokurano is more backstory than fighting, with the whole alien invasion plot used to explore childhood tragedies in small arcs. The second sequel to sneak its way onto this list, Aria the Natural is another series where the show comes into its stride and perfects what it tried to be the first time around. Humanity is being driven to extinction. Watch if you like: Drama, psychological anime, bright colours, dark twists, Faust, Yuki Kajiura, wideface, colour-coded characters, time travel, short series, small cast of characters, watching the movies. Watch if you like: Romance, harem, games, high school setting, career, girls, cats, dorms, art, genius vs average person, comedy, drama, character flaws, personal growth, character dynamics. It’s very much a series for those who like to try solve mysteries themselves but is just as fine as a suspenseful thriller. After managing to attach his brother’s soul to a suit of armour – losing two limbs in the process – they set out to find the Philosopher’s Stone, a magical item that could turn their lives back to what they once were. You might also like: Lucky Star, Minami-ke, My Ordinary Life. Why it made the list: Kimi ni Todoke is innocent idealistic love at its finest. Hataraku Maou-sama takes the concept of working at McDonalds and adds a bit of flavor by staffing it completely with… demons! Rokuro Okajima is an ordinary businessman on an ordinary trip to Eastern China. Diese sogenannten Isekai-Anime werden immer beliebter. Intrigued by the pair, the god named Tet summons the two to Disboard, a world where all conflicts are resolved through games. It also showcases Kyoto Animation’s wonderful animation when it comes to fantasy battles and magic. When his classmate Akito discovers Moritaka’s notebook full of detailed drawings, Akito entreats Moritaka to make manga with him, with Moritaka on the drawings and Akito on the story. After failing college entrance exams time and time again, he resigns to his fate in his small apartment in an ageing complex. Ikebukuro is home to the abnormal. Ichigo Kurosaki has long been able to see spirits. As she’s beset by students granted special powers, Ryuuko has to fight her way to the top to even question Satsuki, but little does she know that her struggles are all part of a plan the size of the world. Guts is a man whose path is stained black, for the brand on his neck guarantees that he will struggle against fate for the rest of his life. You might also like: Mushishi, Haibane Renmei, Kaiba. As a prequel, it introduces you to the complex world of Type-Moon as simply as it can; as a prequel made after the main series, it expands on the world with a much darker yet interesting interpretation of characters and events. Light Yagami is a cynical teen whose outlook on the world is bleak to say the least. Cowboy Bebop might be the most accessible anime for non-watchers, with an easy plot built up over several episodic stories, culminating in an ending not soon forgotten. With his unwavering hero complex, Araragi sets out to solve the various problems of the five girls around him, doing everything he can to set things straight – even if it means being torn to shreds. Why it made the list: Angel Beats’ interesting premise opens up into a story of life and death, though mixed with all the comedy and action the series can take, ends up a little unsatisfying. Mushishi is the perfect anime for those looking for something to relax with but something that also has the same quality that makes anime the best. While it does deliver strong comedic moments, the central relationship suffers as the series goes on and it can feel a little like nothing is progressing. You might also like: Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Naruto, Bleach. Die Top 10 der beliebtesten "Isekai"-Anime. The adventures of travelling around space and the excitement of the vast potential ahead is toned down a notch in Planetes, where dangerous dealings outside of Earth are traded for the unconventional lives of ordinary workers. His latest high school move doesn’t look to be any different, not until he catches the attention of Sentarou, the school’s biggest delinquent. With loads of testosterone, hundreds of robots and a story all about guts, it’s hard not to fall for Gurren Lagann’s way of making everything over-the-top and flashy while keeping its good heart. Watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on Amazon Video. Space opera is usually the genre of decades ago, but not with the recent adaption of Space Battleship Yamato, the modern remake of the much loved classic of the 1970s. To have any hope of saving the world, they must spend a year travelling aboard the colossal spaceship Yamato as it weathers the 148,000 lightyear journey for help. And while some old series are perfectly fine to watch, sometimes a better entry point is something more modern. Komplette Anime-Episoden kostenlos und legal streamen In Kooperation mit AniMoon Publishing, peppermint anime und Crunchyroll zeigen wir euch komplette erste Episoden aktueller Anime-Serien! Kino’s calm demeanor and Hermes’ open mind allow them to contemplate many countries and how they operate, always thinking but never judging. Each interaction, shot, piece of dialogue or environmental aspect is used to build on or express the changing relationship everyone develops alongside each other or to show the mystery unfolding around them. While the series does have moments where it’s more lecture than entertainment, the series grasps certain truths of being a professional creative and is almost guaranteed to strike a chord with creative types who like watching slice of life anime. Anime has a reputation for being kid stuff, because of the connection between animation and kids cartoons in the West. Why it made the list: Full Metal Panic? You might also like: Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter (2011). Watch if you like: Comedy, romance, drama, basketball, older anime, high school setting, muscles, delinquents, long series, watching the movies, silly protagonists. Its ties with real-world settings and real-world science talk makes drama all the more threatening and the low points even more depressing. Why it made the list: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s unusual and colourful approach to dark humour makes it stand out as an intriguing and funny series. Through musical diversions, tactics and mass-produced weapons, the group wars against the only enemy they can see: the school’s Student Council President “Tenshi”. Watch Fist of the North Star on Amazon Now. With a focus on psychological and philosophical questions, it presents a seemingly confusing story that wants you to look deeper. But with each new depraved scene you come across, Monster counters it with a touch of hope, balancing the two nicely enough. Not realizing that time is repeating, he continues life much like normal, making small changes along the way in hopes of achieving his ideal college life. Animation strives to be better, characters strive to be deeper, stories strive to be more carefully crafted. Tier Shounen Anime. Takashi Natsume has been able to see spirits ever since he was a child. Watch if you like: Action, drama, mecha, science fiction, space, politics, secret organisations, world commentary, wars, Gundam, teenage pilots, standard length series. Watch if you like: Time travel, drama, science fiction, eventual romance, scientific theories, average cast of characters, standard length series, 2chan, otaku, satisfying endings, plot-driven stories. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso recognizes the power of first loves but weaves it into a story of despair, tragedy and, most importantly, hope. Jinta can’t let go of the past, not even after ten years, because the ghost of his childhood friend is haunting him. Best Slice of Life Comedy Anime We have summarize the top 30 of the poll result. Gundam has so many beloved anime series in its canon, we're just counting down a few of the best. Watch if you like: Mecha, science fiction, drama, melodrama, psychological themes, children, growing up, thinking, crying. Test the waters for yourself, but don’t be surprised if you fall in the deep end. Toradora’s set direction allows you to enjoy all the drama of high school romance knowing that it’s not going to tease out a second series. Watch a series that appeals to your kink or watch an anime that explores naughty fantasies you haven't considered. It’s hard not to be charmed by the team’s willingness to continue forward no matter what, and things get even better as the story moves into season two. You might also like: Grave of the Fireflies, Future Boy Conan, Green Legend Ran. You might also like: Ouran High School Host Club, Gintama, My Love Story!!. The 150-year-long war between the two forces begins to change when the empire appoints Reinhard von Lohengramm as their Imperial Admiral, forcing the Alliance to promote their rising military star, Yang Wen-Li. Why it’s on the list: Madoka Magica opens the magical girl genre up to new possibilities by introducing dark themes to otherwise childishly simple premises. Now exiled to Goto Islands, practically the middle of nowhere compared to the city, Handa must quietly contemplate his art and improve himself. The creative force behind many beloved KEY stories (Clannad, Air, Little Busters) comes to the fore again with Angel Beats!, giving you more cry-em-up plot, this time with added music. Watch if you like: Romance, comedy, shoujo anime, harems, crossdressing, men, high school setting, meaningful moments mixed with fun, character-focused episodes, cast of colourful characters, backstory, rich people. With the colonisation of the moon, large space corporations and the commercialisation of the galaxy, humanity looks set to spread its wings even further. While technically a magical girl series, this anime isn’t quite like anything else – and definitely not about the power of friendship. Unfortunately, his temper holds him back, particularly when he punches an old man for criticising his work. Along with these jokes are characters that feel less like tropes and more like people, coming together to form a series that hits closer to real life than many others. Yet in Japan is a woman who embodies everything he isn’t; Noda Megumi, or “Nodame”, is a piano genius who plays by ear and has an atrocious personality. This is strictly my personal opinion. The series draws from a huge range of humours, with small skits or longer segments dedicated to pulling off different kinds of jokes, making it ideal as an entry point to the comedy genre. Yet somehow their paths cross, forcing the two to work together in order to escape death.

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